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27 Years of quality construction with Environmentally Friendly, Concrete and Steel, Offsite Modular Buildings.

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These are the advantages of our Revolutionary Precast System

Time-effective construction schedules

Cost effective construction

Environmentally friendly

Less on-site disturbance

Over 40 patents have been registered for our precast process and our precast connections.

We deliver high quality projects

Emerge Built is a fully integrated construction company that focuses on the residential multi-unit market. With over 27 years of experience delivering high-quality construction projects using concrete and steel modules fully built and finished in the plant, including all finishing and flooring. Having completed 20 precast projects and over 100 traditional projects, ranging from 4 story low-rise to 26 story high rise. All while reducing onsite waste and implementing a green carbon footprint has truly made Emerge Built the complete construction solution.

Precast construction is a process, not a style.

A misperception exists that “precast” refers to a type of home or building. Precast actually refers to a construction process in which large components are built in a manufacturing facility and shipped to the project site. Architecturally, precast construction has very few limitations and can be used for a variety of housing styles, commercial structures and multi-family designs.

Precast construction offers key advantages.

The structures are stronger and more durable; building materials and finished modules are protected from weather-related damage that can lead to costly rework; and modules are continually inspected to ensure quality and that appropriate residential or commercial building codes are met.

Precast construction solves on-site problems.

With approximately 70 percent of the structure completed in the factory, precast buildings involve fewer onsite inspections and have less exposure to bad weather. In addition, the chance of material theft and vandalism is reduced. Fewer subcontractors are needed, construction noise is minimal and a lower carbon footprint are just a few of the other benefits.